Artist Biography

I live for explosions of color, the infinite patterns and textures of nature’s beauty, and the unpredictable line contortions I observe in everyday life. I like to binge watch shows and movies, savor amazing food, and laugh uncontrollably about something nonsensical at least once everyday. I am a lifelong Maryland resident and a Maryland Institute College of Art alumni who is a higher education sector learning designer by day, and shifts into artist mode by night.

I embrace the serendipitous moments and happy accidents which have led me on my artistic and life journey. I live for the“Wow!”s, puzzled looks on peoples' faces when they find out my wearable art pieces are made out of paper, and responses like, “I will cherish this piece, always." I strive to make every person feel special with my truly one of a kind unique pieces, ultimately fulfilling my purpose.

I have been drawn to creating wearable art since I was a little girl. I began making pieces for myself and friends. As I developed refined pieces and prolific body of work, I began to market to others. There is just something about the meticulous process that keeps me coming back for more. I find comfort in the active synergy between a person embellishing themselves, while also freely displaying that piece of art to the world around them.

My ongoing love affair with paper and decades of investigation with techniques and materials has led me to discover my signature 3-step mixed media paper wearable art process. This is the majority of my body of work, but I also continue to experiment with other creative reuse pieces using natural objects, x-ray film, and other components.